Cellar Management

La Cave Warehouse is ready to assist you with your wine cellar at all times.  From starting a collection, adding to/or filling in an existing cellar, or purging your ready to drink, or past prime wines, La Cave can help.  With extensive knowledge and resources, we can assist you with your cellar decisions and acquisitions.  We can work with any budget and at your pace increase your wine holdings to create a perfect accessible cellar for your drinking enjoyment. 


Whether it is to be enjoyed by you and yours, or for investment purpose, or just plainly for insurance reasons, your wine collection is valuable! If you wish to have your wine collection appraised by a professional and for a reasonable fee, please send us a list.- Excel format is preferred.  Fees are assessed on an hourly basis for research required to accurately value your collection.  You will receive a spreadsheet in return with value of each bottle, extended value, and total collection value. 

You can email to 

kirk@lacavewarehouse.com. If you are interested in a second opinion, or a second valuation, and you have received another appraisal, please send us a copy. We will be glad to assist you, in any event, any way we can.  Please include a detailed description for each wine, the respective quantity and describe how your wine collection has been stored. Please also include your full name, address and phone (day time and evening) and email.  Your wines will be listed in an easy to use format, and they can be arranged in any way that you prefer.  We have a broad knowledge of wines in general, and of market dynamics. We can help arrange to have the wine picked-up, transported professionally and stored in a climate-controlled ideal environment.

 We will consult with you at no cost. Please give us a call even if you believe you are getting a good deal elsewhere.  In fact, please send us the proposal they sent to you and call Kirk Chandler at 214-747-9463. We look forward to being of service.


La Cave Warehouse offers a variety of gifting options.  We will help you select the perfect bottle of wine or collection for any occasion or individual.  We can deliver within the metroplex via courier service, ship within the US for distance gifting, or box your items for your pick up and personal delivery.  We also have a variety of corkscrews, Coravin preservation systems, bottle stoppers, and decanters available for gifting.

La Cave Warehouse also has gift certificates available in any denomination requested if you are uncertain of the recipients preferences. 

La Cave has long been known for its corporate gifting program and can accomodate your requests for larger corporate giving programs and delivery.  

Please contact us at 214-747-9463 or stop by to arrange your gift services. 

Wines categorized by appellation

Wine Storage

La Cave Warehouse had been storing "liquid treasures" since 1984 in our state of the art  refrigerated warehouse.  Upon reciept, every bottle at La Cave has been held in our cellar where temperatures are held at 55 degrees F, 65% relative humidity, and every bottle lies on its side to preserve the integrity of the wine.   

 We take as much pride in the care we give to your collection, as the pride we have in our own.  Your wine is very valuable to us at all times.     We offer different facilities, with optimal conditions ensuring consistent temperature, correct  humidity levels, and complete security. 

Wine lockers/cages - wooden enclosed lockers or chain link cages in six sizes to accommodate your growing collection charges are based on the size of locker and fees are charged annually:
     Nabuchadnezzar - 200 cases*
     Balthazar - 170 cases *
     Salmanazar - 70-80 cases*
     Methuselah-  40-45 cases* 
     Jeroboam - 22 cases*
     Magnum - 15 cases*

 * Refers to Bordeaux shaped regular 12 bottles case

Raw space - raw space is general floor space available in our warehouse for a per case charge annually.  Each case is logged, listed, numbered, and secured for each client in a designated area.

To know more about our storage facilities conditions and warehousing fees, contact us: rhonda@lacavewarehouse.com


La Cave Warehouse is a concierge level boutique wine store.  We do everything in our power to accommodate our clients.  We can deliver to you your special order, a wine pull from your collection, or a gift for that special wine lover.   Fees apply depending on delivery distance. Please contact us at 214-747-9463 to arrange services. 

214-747-9463                                                2263 Valdina St. #120                                             Dallas, TX 75207