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Upcoming Events at La Cave:​ wine tasting, winemaker events, wine dinners, wine & spirit tasting events​​​​​

Loire Valley Wine Tasting
Sept 4th 11am - 1pm

As we have expressed to several of you, our upcoming wine tastings will continue to focus on specific appellations of France. For this event we will highlight the lovely Lorie Valley which is one of the most diverse wine regions of the world. One sommelier friend has always espoused that if he had to drink only one region for the rest of his life he would pick Loire because of its diversity of wines. Join us for this event and learn more about this region. RSVP to with your party size.

The Dalmore Scotch Tasting Event
Sept. 16th 5pm - 7pm

In a return to some Thursday evening tasting events, you won't want to miss this producer sponsored event for Dalmore Scotch. Two Hundred years of distilling and aging ensure that Dalmore Highland Single Malt has been at the forefront of whisky tradition and innovation. There will be an array of products offered for tasting and even a greater variety for sale. From 12 to 25 years plus, as well as special blends, and Constellation Collection Vintage Scotches for sale. RSVP to with your party size. 

​All of our tasting events are free unless otherwise stated. 

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